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From B2B to B2C, I write copy that motivates, informs and compels. I specialize in changing beliefs, translating complex information and delivering results for clients.

I have significant experience in:
-  Pharmaceutical

-  Healthcare

-  Financial
-  Manufacturing

-  Agriculture

I specialize in:
-  Creative and promotional copywriting
-  Digital and interactive content development
-  Script writing
-  Creative concepting (and thumbnail sketching) 
-  Editing
-  Working within Compliance and Legal guidelines
-  Writing training decks, presentations and

    implementation guides

What makes me stand out:
-  I solve problems creatively

-  I listen first 
-  I use good judgement

-  I have an attitude of gratitude
-  I’m responsive and meet deadlines
-  I take on the projects that have been put off 

-  I don't throw sand 
-  I’m a team player and collaborative

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