“Ron provided expert guidance on digital content and editorial projects.

He ensured the finished product met business and consumer requirements. He was also a favored mentor to me in dealing with difficult personalities.” 


           Amy McCrate 

           Senior IT Project Manager at JP Morgan Chase 

           Columbus, Ohio

“It was a pleasure to work with Ron. He was diligent, collaborative, had great ideas and perspective in how to accomplish major initiatives in limited time.

Ron took the time to discuss the ask and ideas on how to achieve, offer feedback and insight, and establish relationships with his partners.” 


           Julie Wentz

           Capabilities Services Specialist at Alliance Data Card Services

           Columbus, Ohio

“Ron was a wonderful colleague who always provides a different, yet informative, perspective to the projects we completed together. More importantly, he brought a smile, wonderful spirit, and amazing partnership to everything he did. He never hesitated to lend a hand and provide invaluable information and materials to help me do my job. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Ron, and anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.” 


           Anthony Forino

           Compliance Specialist, CRCM at Alliance Data Card Services

           Columbus, Ohio

“Ron was a joy to work with and set the enterprise communication strategy for several initiatives. His guides were clear and he was highly collaborative, always open to adjusting communications to fit the proper medium. He's great at digging into the details but also understanding the bigger picture. Most recently, we collaborated on modifying our paperless communications to fit with competitive standards as well as changing compliance regulations. Under his guidance, we used a research-based approach to craft our messaging, yielding positive results.” 


           Catie Ewen

           Digital UX Content Writer at Alliance Data Card Services

           Columbus, Ohio

“Ron is flexible, creative, and a team player. He has a "can do" 

attitude and works well with everyone to get the job done.” 


           Cynthia Claire Speiran

           VP, Marketing at JP Morgan Chase 

           Columbus, Ohio

“Ron was a valuable and expert copy partner. His astute business perspective was always appreciated as were his friendly and thorough communication skills and timely delivery of copy direction and content strategy.” 


           Anne Leonard

           Senior Mgr, User Experience at Alliance Data Card Services

           Columbus, Ohio

“I really enjoyed working with Ron and getting to know him better. He's a collaborator, friend-maker and smart guy who learns quickly and brings good reasoning into things. If you need work done well, but also want a very pleasant person around each day, Ron's your pick.” 


           Randall Whitted

           Senior Digital UX Writer 

           Columbus, Ohio

“Ron produces smart, intuitive copy that fully adheres to campaign objectives. He quickly sees the 10,000 ft view, then hones in and delivers the specific language that flawlessly captures the message components. Ron is as clever as he is creative and a value to any team looking to shine new light on a brand or product..” 


           Matthew Brackman

           Senior Designer/Business Development at The Stonefly Group 

           Columbus, Ohio

“Ron is one of those rare people, that just to know him, to spend time with him, makes you aspire to be a better person. He is a talented advertising executive and still makes community service a priority in his life. Ron introduced me and my husband to the Open Table Food Pantry, a pantry that Ron established at his church. Through Ron's aspirational leadership and friendship we have been privileged to become part of The Open Table's good works. You can count on Ron to get the job done, to do so with the utmost integrity, and with a gracious and kind spirit. Ron's involvement on a project is always an asset and a blessing.” 


           Belinda Reed

           Marketing/Communications Specialist at GSW Worldwide 

           Columbus, Ohio

“I had the pleasure of working with Ron when he was a Creative Director in Pittsburgh. Ron is a great person; he is very thoughtful and helpful. He is an extremely creative professional with strong communication and leadership qualities. Ron guides the creative process effectively from start to finish. He has a wonderful collaborative work approach that promotes a positive work environment. I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.” 


           Dee Dee Woods

           Account Executive/Executive Producer at PMI

           Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania