GILEAD SCIENCES, INC. (Patient education & Case study) 

Gilead Sciences needed to get the word out that hepatitis B was not only a chronic disease but, if left untreated, could prove deadly. The added challenge was that it must reach a very specified audience: Asians in concentrated urban areas along both coasts of the U.S. where Hep-B was on the rise. Asians who, for the most part, spoke very little English. An entire education campaign was quickly generated, featuring this "B" theme (eg, "B aware," "B informed" etc). 

Below are a patient brochure and print ad that also became an outdoor board, a bus kiosk, and several on-going social media tactics. Along with English, versions were created in Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese. As a result, more Asian-speaking patients have been tested and are now being treated. 

Hep B 1.png

Here are several pieces created for an annual conference on hepatitis that happened to be in Gilead's hometown of San Francisco that year. 

Hep B 2.png