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Now is the perfect time to start working with a remote copywriter

Earlier this year, I heard, “We love you. We love your work. We just wish you were here.” Then, the COVID-19 pandemic did something interesting. It sent nearly everyone packing – to home with their laptops and cell phones in tow. The playing field wasn’t just leveled. It was gone. Working remotely became the new “here” for everyone.

If you’re like some, you’ve never reached out to a freelance writer for help. You’ve thought about it. You had the means and budget. But you either did the work yourself, gave it to some poor soul on your team to figure out, or simply waited for the project to fade. Or maybe it’s still staring at you from the back burner. Regardless, a freelance writer might offer considerably more than you realize. This 10-minute read will help illustrate several of the biggest benefits of working with someone remote – while you are currently remote, too.

(Side note: I realize that the title “freelancer” can also include people who work on-site – such as contractors. For clarity in this article, “freelancer” solely stands for remote individuals.)

They make working remotely work

Before the pandemic hit, freelancers were already remote. Most freelance writers are comfortable and good at working from home. Of course, they must be disciplined. They know how to structure their days and keep a solid work-life balance. They might run personal errands during the week – while helping you with a hot project on a Saturday afternoon.

They’re available

Since freelance writers aren’t commuting or sitting in meetings all day, they’re usually more available when you need them. Smartphones are now making this immediate availability easier than ever. If you need something written quickly, a freelancer is more likely to jump on your project right away to help you meet your deadline – even if this means working well after five or on the weekends.

They’re covered

Along with salary, new full-time employees are usually provided with benefit packages – with healthcare as the focal point. While larger firms can negotiate better deals with healthcare providers, it’s still something that costs every company a considerable amount to attract and maintain talented individuals. You don’t need this with freelancers. Some have been paying for their own plans for years and others get their benefits from their significant other. But the point here is simple – it’s an expense you don’t need to worry about.

They eliminate the middleman

Working with a freelance writer can be a huge time saver. Gone are the bureaucratic layers of individuals that a copy draft might normally have to pass through. By working directly with a freelance writer, there’s less chance for confusion or misdirection that may occur between multiple people. Plus, an experienced writer will know the right questions to ask if they feel they don’t have enough initial input or direction from you.

They earn your business

Whether they were referred to you or reached out to you directly, freelance writers must always earn your business with the quality of their work and service. The most experienced freelance writers are usually the most professional. Meaning, they never assume the work will continue without effort nor will they ever feel entitled. They know that exceeding your expectations is always the goal. If you experience this, take it as a compliment as the best writers can refuse work from clients whom they find difficult or unreasonable.

They’re experienced

Experience always matters, especially with freelance writers. Over time, they may have written for dozens to hundreds of different brands and companies. This is a huge benefit to you as it brings a tremendous amount of experience to your project. It also greatly increases the chances that they have experience in your industry. A highly experienced freelance writer will not only know the right voice to use with your multiple audiences but also how to craft content that follows compliance, legal, regulatory and medical guidelines, when necessary.

They specialize

Every industry is unique. While you may be spending valuable time searching for an ideal full-time employee with your industry experience, you may have better luck with a freelance writer. That’s because, along with compiling significant experience across multiple markets, many seasoned writers find a niche industry that they prefer. They like it and they’re good at it. Always interview a freelance writer before hiring them. If you’re satisfied with their answers and they truly know your industry, hire them. You may find that they bring valuable insights to your project and business – along with considerable writing talent.

They don’t loiter around the water cooler

Rest assured there’s no drama nor politics with freelance writers. Aside from avoiding the obvious toxicity of office gossip, they have come to value time throughout their day. They see every minute that isn’t spent working as unproductive time. And to them, time is money.

They put your projects first

Freelance writers never view you as a coworker whose job it is to drop projects on their desks. They know you’re the client and that great, effective content isn’t about winning creative awards. And it’s never about them. It’s about meeting the objectives that you’ve set for your project. That’s their focus – and commitment.

They wear many hats – and are connected

You might find yourself amazed at how many freelance writers can also help with web page layout, illustrations, infographics, and other non-writing skills. Of course, not all do. But for more promotional writers to think creatively, they must also think visually. Some more experienced freelance writers may have once been agency creative directors – which means they may have managed designers and art directors, along with creative copywriters.

Freelance writers are usually highly active and connected within the freelance community. So, if you have an additional need that’s outside of their skill set, most likely they would be happy to recommend a freelancer whose work they admire and reputation they trust.

Lastly, relationships mean everything

When you work with a large agency or internal department, you may not get the chance to meet or even speak with the writer assigned to your project. This is absurd. I measure my success by the strength of the relationships I have with my clients. You’re never a line item or foreign name on a spreadsheet. You have value and respect. My goal is always three-fold: to give you great writing, make you and your projects successful, and make you wonder how you ever got by without me.

Ron Kellow is a freelance creative copywriter based in Columbus, Ohio. He writes for a variety of clients, including both B2B and B2C. If you're at a loss for words or simply have a writing project you’ve been putting off, he’s ready to help. Contact him today at

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