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Communication by translation

When I worked in Mortgage Banking Marketing at Chase, Kevin Watters came to visit from New York. At the time, he was the executive who oversaw the entire mortgage banking universe at the bank. And it was a very big universe.

For an hour, he shared detailed updates on our business, foreseeable trends and his optimistic outlook for home equity loans. What really amazed me wasn’t just his content, but that everyone in the 100-person auditorium completely understood everything he said. He resisted using terms such as “matrix organization,” “economies of scale” and “value props” – complex jargon that others use to make what they’re saying sound more important. Nor was he “dumbing anything down” for the masses. By simply being clear and concise, he accomplished an even bigger goal: effectively communicating to everyone. He impressed me with his disciplined use of everyday words. He impressed me with his clarity.

Why this is so important

To be a great communicator means being a great translator. It involves taking complex information, completely understanding it, and choosing words that clearly communicate it to your audience. An audience that you should know very well. When this doesn’t happen, people will walk away confused – or simply walk away. Not good.

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