• Ron Kellow

Is your voice consistent?

The company attorney writes a letter to a customer. A person from compliance sends an email to a new client. An R&D professional drafts an article for an internal newsletter. The problem? One sounds too superior. The other, far too complex. And the third, too much technical jargon.

While it’s important to be informative, it’s also critical to be consistent and clear in the voice you use across channels – especially with your most important audience: your customers. After all, they are the ones who may be visiting your booth at trade shows, reading news about your product online, or calling your customer support number when they have a question or concern.

Why this is so important

No matter how large and globally expansive your company becomes, your company is a brand. One brand that requires one voice. From servicing support calls to monthly e-newsletters, your brand must promise a consistent experience. Maintaining this experience takes understanding and skill – two things that I can bring to your communications team.

I’d love to help you.

Do you need to increase customer satisfaction or simply engage your audience better? I can help. Tell me about it. Ron Kellow (614) 314-8689

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