• Ron Kellow

Less says more

When was the last time you read a marketing piece and thought, “That’s it? I really wish there was more to read.” Probably never. That’s because when you’re sent any communication – a letter, email, direct mail – it’s asking two things from you: your time and attention. And those are two things you closely guard during your busy day.

This letter from IKEA to one of its cardmembers was originally three pages long. Along with a tone that wasn’t customer friendly, its wordy content asked too much from its reader. This led to confusion – or people giving up and not reading it at all. Both fails.

Why this is so important

By eliminating the extraneous information, writing in an active voice that’s open and friendly, and using bold subheads so the reader can “glance and get it,” this letter’s main message is now quickly and easily communicated. Making every word count and staying focused on the main message isn’t easy, but it’s something I’ve learned from years of communicating to internal, external, B2B and consumer audiences alike.

I’d love to help you.

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